Electronic Storage Device Detection Dogs

Recon Canines is pioneering a low-tech way to solve high-tech crimes with the use of specially trained Electronic Storage Device Detection Dogs (ESD). ESD Dogs are highly skilled dogs trained to sniff out unique chemical compounds emitted by electronic storage devices such as cell phones, flash/thumb drives and SD cards. The assistance the dogs provide investigators can mean the difference between conviction and acquittal in cases of terrorism, sex trafficking and child pornography.

It is common practice for persons involved in or participating in child pornography and sexual exploration to keep their conversations, pictures, videos, and other contact information on external storage devices such as hard drives, jump drives, thumb drives, SD and Micro SD cards to make it difficult for law enforcement to discover these items when hidden away in unknown locations. Recon Canines has trained detection dogs to find these items that human investigators routinely miss, and it's foiling predators, terrorists, and other criminals.

Recon Canines is among the first in the world to train ESD Dogs and has collaborated with several laboratories to identify the particular scent identification odor specific to ESD.

There are only a handful of ESD Dogs in the country so these dogs are highly sought after by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, especially those working on Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces.