Cell Phone Detection Dogs

Technology is changing life inside prisons across the country at the same rapid-fire pace it is changing life outside. This is particularly true with cell phone technology; every year's new model is vastly superior to its predecessors. Each new model delivers more power with expanded features packed into a smaller case that uses less battery power to operate.

Cell phones in correctional facilities are perhaps the worst type of contraband and one of the fastest growing problems faced by correctional officers.  A cell phone hidden under a mattress has become the modern-day file inside a cake. But with internet access, a cell phone becomes a smart phone that inmates can do a multitude of things with. They can look up phone directories, maps, photographs and communicate with those on the outside.

Cell phones are being used in alarming numbers by inmates for planning escapes, harassing their victims, drug trafficking and other criminal activities, including arranging the murder of witnesses and public safety officers. This illegal practice jeopardizes the safety of America’s communities and public safety officials.

A well-trained cell phone detection dog team is a pragmatic method to locating hidden cell phones within a correctional facility.  A single dog team has the ability to search multiple cells or a yard quickly and efficiently.  Compared to expensive technologies that have a less than impressive success rate, i.e., cell phone jamming, a cell phone detection dog team is a cost effective solution to stopping the dangerous and illegal use of cell phones inside prison walls.